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GoFundMe Raises More Than 2k For Halifax Couple Swindled Out Of New Home

After a move from one coast to the other, where they were hoping to land on better times, the Kimm family is now fighting a developer when their focus should be on fighting a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. "Joanne and Jack moved to Nova Scotia in 2019, to be closer to family, and to buy their forever home. A military veteran of 22 years, Jack often spent time on course in Halifax, thus the draw to this beautiful province of Nova Scotia. But when they tried to buy a home, what happened was a nightmare," reads their official GoFundMe.

After finding the perfect house, then losing their home before they could even move in, then winning a small claims court case, they are now having to fight an appeal by the developer, who wants the money back! And, with Jack now facing a stage 4 cancer prognosis, this is literally turning into a fight they can't afford to lose!

Their story is one that will make every first-time home buyer cringe. The link to a news article written about their story (below) will explain the whole story. It's heartbreaking how their story unfolds."

According to Huddle, the Kimm family's contractor, Almadina, cancelled their contract and resold the house to someone else. Although they won 25 thousand in small-claims court, the company is attempting to appeal the court’s decision

“It’s almost like going through the stages of grieving,” Kimm explained. “You have your denial, shock, anger. We’re almost at the acceptance stage.”

“[The appeal] adds 100 percent more stress because we’re in limbo with that appeal and we’re trying to focus on my husband’s health.

“Instead of accepting the court’s decision and moving forward, forcing us to relive it all again.”

Read more about the story here.

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