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Gad Saad: Why Every Canadian Should Know the Outspoken Professor Who Calls Out the Elite Hypocrisy

Cancel culture can’t take down Gad Saad.

Professor, writer, and blogger, Gad Saad, Ph.D., is a modern player in academics who everyone should know. The Lebanese-Canadian was born to a Jewish family in Beirut. Saad teaches at Canadian universities such as Concordia and JMSB. He’s an evolutionary psychologist* by profession and a free-speech crusader by passion. Saad understands the importance of critical thinking in society and isn’t scared to fight for free speech.

Saad’s tone is critical of society’s far-left ideologies and activism. His outspoken opinions have landed the author in hot water more than once. Host of his own 216,000-follower YouTube show called The Saad Truth, the fifty-seven-year-old author calls out hypocrisy when he witnesses it - especially from the ruling or elite class.

Gad Saad writes on subjects of “the moral hypocrisy of celebrities” (see Saad’s entire contribution to The Buffalo Tribune here) and the unwarranted grandiosity of the elite - much to celebrity dismay. Saad critiques virtue signalling** and calls out social justice activism for what it is: a front.

Saad told Jewish Insider that virtue signalling is its own kind of pandemic: “It started on university campuses, but now it has infiltrated every nook and cranny of society. Illiberal idea pathogens relentlessly assaulted science, reason, logic, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, individual liberty, and individual dignity.” He added: “I will go after any ideology that I think is nonsensical.”

In a string of Twitter posts, the “professor for the people” writes:

“The truly privileged elites know that deep down, they are frauds. They suffer from existential guilt. Hence, one of the ways by which they assuage the guilt albatross around their necks is to demonstrate to the world that they are truly compassionate, truly loving, truly caring, truly profound … It is a classic ego defensive strategy that permits the ruling class to exist within their fractured selves.”

Actor and comedian Seth Rogan, who was tagged in the Tweets, was offended by Saad’s remarks and offered an on-brand sarcastic reply: “I actually watched your video, and it’s so stupid. Why was I a left-wing socialist when I was broke and unemployed according to your brilliant theory?” Seth Rogan, who boasts a Net Worth of around $80 Million, is precisely the type Saad refers to in his critique of moral hypocrisy.

Gad Saad replies: “Stop succumbing to the herd mindset. Learn how to think critically. Learn the meaning and implications of socialism vs. capitalism. You are among the MOST privileged people in the history of humanity. And yet you walk around as though you are a Che Guevara revolutionary. You are the product of capitalism.”

After Rogan’s reply, Saad’s article on moral hypocrisy was pulled by Psychology Today for no apparent reason other than harsh word choice. Saad said: “I have been writing for Psychology Today since 2008 (312 articles). This is the first one that they’ve ever pulled.”

Saad is the author of the bestselling book, The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense, in which he discusses political correctness and virtue signalling versus honest or authentic signalling. He stated: “Seth Rogen and other champagne socialists do not live out their convictions. They are vacuous parasitic virtue signallers who wear Che Guevara t-shirts from the luxury of their Malibu homes. Be the former and reject the latter.”

Saad’s work has repeatedly been censored on social media platforms and by media outlets. While not always as politically correct as the internet often demands, Saad’s unapologetic philosophies are a driving force for calling BS. After all, someone has to.

Voices of protest sometimes ring out at Saad’s public and virtual appearances. His recent talk at Montreal’s Jewish Publish Library was threatened by LGBTQ activists interpreting his work as transphobic.

On censorship of less-than-politically-correct statements, Saad adds: “It’s not empirically-based polite language. We have truly entered a dangerous reality.”


*Evolutionary psychology is the theoretical approach to natural and social sciences that examines psychological structure from a modern evolutionary perspective. Saad is known for applying this theory to marketing and consumer behaviour. For example, in 2000, Saad studied how menstrual cycle hormones affect buying habits.

**Virtue Signalling, according to Saad, refers to assuaging the guilt of privilege or wealth through overt displays of compassion, empathy, and culture.

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