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Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal Going to Trial on Fraud Charges

Raj Grewal had been charged in September 2020 with four counts of breach of trust and one count of fraud over $5,000. Grewal had left the liberal caucus in 2018 with claiming it his departure was for personal and health reasons. It was later discovered that his departure was due to the fact that the investigation into his crimes had already begun.

Grewal, who had served as MP for Brampton East from 2015- 2019, had allegedly taken out millions of dollars worth of personal loans and did not inform the federal ethics commissioner that he had done so. It’s also been presented that Grewal had used his government funded constituancy office budget for his own personal interest. Claims have also been made that he used his political status to obtain these loans in secret.

Apparently during this time Grewal was struggling with and seeking help for a gambling addiction which had caused him to procure millions of dollars worth of debt. He now states that he had paid it all back and there is nothing more to pay.

Grewal’s criminal trial will begin October 18, 2021 and will take place over an eight week period.

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