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Former Liberal MP Dan McTeague calls Trudeau a "fool," member of the "Laurentian elite"

Dan McTeague, former MP for Pickering—Scarborough East, has called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “a fool who is nothing more than a marionette for the Laurentian elite.”

McTeague, in an interview with the Western Standard, called the Trudeau government's Clean Fuel Standard and $170 carbon tax far more costly than the “Green Shift” proposed by Stephane Dion back in 2008.

“There was a time when Liberals actually did give a damn about the cost of living and they don’t today,” said McTeague. “We’re being led down this path of high costs, less jobs, all to be brought even into this fear, the aura of wokeness on the belief in the green climate front.”

McTeague has been no stranger to conflict with the current ruling members of his party, particularly when it comes to green spending. Just today, he called Catherine McKenna’s claim that folks are dying of heat caused by climate change "over the top" and an "exaggeration." In that same interview with the Western Standard, McTeague equally insisted Trudeau’s “climate alarmism…has gripped the country at a time which would have the most devastating impact.” McTeague remains a fierce opponent of Trudeau's second carbon tax.

Back in 2011, McTeague also elicited controversy for trying to push the party back into a pro-life direction. “I think it’s important to bring in and include all religions including mine, which is Roman Catholic,” said McTeague. "“We try not to mix church and state but there are some very important issues that always have to be considered by all parties including mine."

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