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Female Conservatives MP's Scold Trudeau over Groper History and CF Sex Scandal

Today was a day of reckoning for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During debates surrounding issues of sexual misconduct Canada’s Armed Forces and the WE Charity scandal both MP Leona Alleslev and MP Cheryl Gallant disclosed their deepest displeasures regarding the PM.

Alleslev began by summing up her concerns. “Under this Prime Minister sexual misconduct at the highest levels in our armed forces continues unchecked. Serious allegations are ignored; investigations are shut down; critical evidence is lost; and charges are dropped. Those who are complicit in their actions or their silence remain in senior positions. This government’s failure to act begins and ends with this Prime Minister. What did the Prime Minister know and when did he know it?”

Trudeau, who was actually present during this specific portion of debate claims that he has answered that question several times prior to this date. He goes on to discuss that since forming this government they have made it well known that they “Take seriously the responsibility to make sure that people are protected in their places of work, in their service to their country and that we’ve brought forward mechanisms and measures that continue to protect them.” He closes this statement by acknowledging gaps in society, culture, and resources. Then finally stating that his government will work harder to resolve these issues.

Alleslev was not having it. She acknowledged his claim of trying to do it right and then brought forth some evidence that is certainly questionable.

“He failed to have General Vance suspended or allegations against him investigated. Worse still, he approved a salary increase of $50,000 for him. He approved a replacement Chief of the Defence Staff who also stands accused of sexual misconduct and he continues to support a Defense Minister who has failed his sworn duties.” She finished by asking when the PM would begin to hold senior members accountable, starting with the Defense Minister.

Trudeau responds by assuring that his government takes these situations very seriously and will report these instances to the proper authorities. He also claims that’s exactly what happened with these circumstances. “The Canadian Armed Forces have launched and investigation on this matter. In regards to the pay increases, decisions on salary increases are made entirely by professional public servants; and we respond to the recommendations of those public service.” But did he answer the question?

In a separate debate Cheryl Gallant seemed to lay it all on the table. She started by saying it fact “that years of incompetence and mismanagement by the liberal party have left Canadians more vulnerable today. To health crisis such as the current pandemic. It did not take another auditor general’s report like the one issued today, to confirm just how unprepared this government was for any type of emergency.”

Gallant then launched into how the liberals have actually done more harm than good surrounding this pandemic with the lockdowns. She even states that, “Canadians are angry over the Prime Minister’s refusal to stay focused on keeping Canadians safe.”

Turning to the task at hand, Gallant delved into the sexual misconduct case. “The women of Canada who chose to serve their country in uniform as members of the Canadian Armed Forces have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. No woman in today’s age should be forced to work in an environment where sexual harassment is tolerated. Today’s motion will order Zita Astravas, the former chiefs of staff, to the Defense Minister, to come before the committee on National Defense.”

She goes into detail about how they have attempted several times to politely invite Miss Astravas to appear and how she has ignored their requests.

It turns out that Astravas also has a connection to the WE Charity, Kielburger brothers. The brothers had apparently published an article that completely offended the city of Thunder Bay Ontario. The article's biggest statement was to call Thunder Bay, “the hate crime capital of Canada”. Allegedly this article quotes sources that are funded by Astravas’ new department. Here she is the current Chief of Staff to the Liberal Minister of Gun Control. Gallant ties this into a claim that Astravas is avoiding coming to testify as it would bare truth on the fact that the PM has very little respect for women.

This is where Gallant reaches back and pulls out the Trudeau dirt. Bringing up the time when Trudeau groped a news reporter who “was trying to do her job”. Also how Trudeau “likes to throw the only strong women under the bus”, the examples of this being the SNC-Lavalin scandal involving the former Justice Minister, and “the former Minister for Health for standing up for her colleague, former Ontario female MP Selena Cesar Chavez”.

As if all this wasn’t enough she also delved into taxes and how the Liberals are scared that Canadians will find out the truth of how much taxpayer money has been wasted on COVID.

Jumping into the WE Charity scandal she states that it is “without a doubt a Liberal Party scandal.” She also describes the scandal by saying, “A Canadian based international charity enterprise, had deep and continuous association with the leader of the Liberal Party, The Prime Minister and his family to the mutual benefit of the Liberal Party and the Charity enterprise.”

Unfortunately Trudeau was not there but had Mark Gerretsen there to speak and respond. Gerretsen not only brushed over almost all of what Gallant had said but responded by asking her questions about missteps in her own career.

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