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Federal Poll Puts Tories at 39%, Liberals at 31%

A poll conducted yesterday found that the Emergency Act incident may have caused Trudeau to slip far in the polls.

The most recent Mainstream Research Poll lists the CPC at 39% (+5), the Liberals at 31% (-2), the NDP at15% (-3), the Bloc at 6% (-2), the PPC with 6% (+1) and the Greens with 2%.

If this poll is accurate and is not an outlier, it will be the first time the Conservatives have been polling this far ahead for some time.

Since February 2020, Trudeau has strongly led over the CPC in terms of popularity with a few exceptions. One of them was the period between August and the 2021 autumn election. Trudeau's desicion to call an election was widely unpopular and hurt his standing for sometime, eventually rebounding to even out with the Tories.

Indeed, these numbers are reminiscent of the time where Scheer was leader, in which the Tories either tied or slightly surpassed the Liberals in popularity.

It may be that Trudeau's dominance in the polls is finally at an end.

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