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Federal NDP Vote AGAINST Repeal of Shipping Ban

Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen issued the following statement after the NDP voted against Alberta’s oil workers a second day in a row:

“Trudeau brought in Bill-48 – The Shipping Ban – specifically to kill the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

“Bill C-226 would have repealed Bill C-48 and encouraged the Northern Gateway Pipeline to proceed. With the cancellation of Keystone XL and now Line 5, now more than ever Alberta needs pipeline projects to succeed.

“Instead of supporting Alberta, today the Liberals and NDP voted to defeat Bill C-226.

“While the NDP keep claiming they support Alberta jobs, day after day they continually vote with Trudeau to hurt Alberta and its economy.

“The NDP will never stand up for Albertans.

“Canada needs real action to secure our future and a Conservative government will get pipelines built and Alberta’s resources to market.”

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