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Fed. parties openly campaigning; yet no election called as of yet

It is an open secret at this point that an election is in the air, yet no election has been formally called by the Governor-General at this point. Candidates from all three parties are blatantly getting ready, even if the process has yet to begun.

In Edmonton, candidates have already been releasing campaign material. Candidate Blake Desjarlais, who was involved in controversy earlier this spring, has issued fliers describing him as "the strong progressive voice for Edmonton-Griesbach" and lauds the NDP's COVID response in supporting Trudeau's minority government.

The reverse even outlines the candidates' priorities: funded pharmacare and dental care, climate action, a wealth tax, cheaper universities, investment in childcare, among others. It's obvious we're on the cusp of an election - candidates wouldn't be outlining their platform otherwise - so why not just call the election already?

In Edmonton-Centre, the Liberals have also began campaigning by releasing fliers for their candidate, Randy Boissonnault. It should be noted that 338 currently predicts a miniscule Liberal lead in the ridings of Edmonton-Centre and Edmonton-Mill Woods. It may be that the Liberals are trying to win a city in Alberta through these two ridings; they currently have none in the province.

Meanwhile, Poilievre has released a bizarre video showing himself door-knocking with a volunteer. Watch it and see for yourself:

All this to say: enough with the beating around the bush. Let's have this election already - or let's not. None of this half in and half out nonsense.

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