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Fake News was painted on CBC Vehicle in Kamloops BC

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Over the weekend a CBC News vehicle got soaked in white paint and spray painted with the words “fake news” across the side. Although there was another car in the lost that had some of the paint on it as well it’s very clear who this hit was meant for as the building who owns the lot is also the same place CBC calls home.

Doug Herbert, CBC radio host creating a post that stated, “ Come on Kamloops, we can do better than this! So upsetting to see this on my way home tonight.”

CBC has reported this incident to police but not until later in the evening as a passerby didn’t notice the vehicle until about 6:15 pm. It appears that police involvement may have been futile as there were no cameras or any kind of surveillance in the area. Because of this CBC will be putting security personnel in place over the next little while. Once they have things figured out additional security measures may be put in place.

Chuck Thompson. CBC head of public affairs had said, “While we have no idea who is responsible for this incident, we do know we live in different times and the media has been under attack… Needless to say, our number one concern is always the safety and wellbeing of our employees and we will do whatever we can to keep them safe.”

Thompson had apparently also shared with another outlet that he was unsure of the cost to repair the vehicle but was guessing the entire car may need to be repainted. Anyone knowing anything about cars knows that is not going to be a cheap bill.

The RCMP have asked that if anyone has any information to contact their Kamloops precinct at 250-828-3000. The reference number for the file is 2021-10513.

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