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F*** Trudeau Flags Become Bestsellers on Amazon

It seems like the "F*** Trudeau" flags are trending again - this time on Amazon. We're hearing reports of users receiving the eponymous flags as a recommended item when browsing the site, with Amazon even handily suggesting that it's a bestseller.

These flags have not been without controversy.

A woman in the Niagara region city of Port Colborne, Ontario put up the flag the day after the September 2021 federal election, following her disappointment with the Liberal party victory.

In November, the homeowner, referred to as “Melissa,” read a story in a local newspaper about the city’s displeasure with the flag on her home. She was unaware of any controversy until then.

Days later, she received a registered notice from the city that she was required to remove the flag for violating a Port Colborne property standards bylaw that states “exterior walls of a dwelling and their components shall be free of unauthorized signs, painted slogans, graffiti and similar defacements.”

Ultimately, she was allowed to keep the flag up. And the rest is history.

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