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Edmonton’s new default speed set at 40 km/h

A news memorandum issued by the City of Edmonton set the default speed in the city at 40 km/h today.

The release reads as follows:

"Edmonton’s new default speed limit is 40 km/h. This is effective today, August 6, on most residential and downtown streets. It does not impact most major roads around the city and will have little impact on driving times around Edmonton."

“Slowing down increases drivers’ field of vision, gives everyone more time to react, and reduces the likelihood of tragic crashes,” said Jessica Lamarre, Director of Safe Mobility. “The new default 40 km/h speed limit is critical to achieving Edmonton’s goal of Vision Zero to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on our streets by 2032.”

As part of this project, the City of Edmonton developed a refreshed speed limit signage approach to reduce the number of signs on our streets wherever possible. Signs will be installed at city entrances to notify drivers of the new default speed limit in Edmonton. If there is no speed limit sign, the speed limit is 40 km/h.

"Edmontonians are invited to be part of the change," it continues. "The Safe Speeds Toolkit creates ways to support the implementation of the new default 40 km/h speed limit and support safer speeds in neighbourhoods. Creative signage, sample social media posts, shareable graphics, portable driver feedback signs, and an option to recommend automated enforcement presence are all available. For more information, visit"

"The City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service are working together to provide education and enforce speed limits in an effort to make Edmonton’s streets safer for everyone. A grace period until September 1 is in effect for automated enforcement locations with new speed limits as drivers adjust their behaviour."

“We believe the default speed limit change from 50 km/h to 40 km/h on most residential and downtown roads will ultimately make our streets safer for everyone,” said Keith Johnson, Inspector of the EPS’ Traffic Services Branch. “While understanding it will take motorists some time to adjust to the change, we will continue to conduct enforcement where speed is deemed excessive and there’s an impact to public safety.”

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