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Edmonton Football Team Has Trademarked "Elks" and "Energy" To The of List Potential Future Name

It has been an open debate for over half a year now about the new name change to coming to the Edmonton Football clubs and what fans can finally support and decide on a name the best describes the city and rich history of the EE Empire.

The Edmonton Eskimos have been known as the New Yankees of the CFL due to the winning championships in every era of the CFL History. Tom Wilkinson, Warren Moon and Ricky Ray have worn the jersey with pride and rings to support their success for the club.

The New name needs to identify and serve a purpose to the EE Empire.

The suggested ideas for new names has been met with debate by Green and Gold Empire fans and for which it should. But now it appears the Edmonton football club went ahead to trademark two names to the list. Interestingly enough the two favorites were not even on the list of seven options that the team had asked the public to vote on the month before.

The previous list had consisted of Elk, Evergreens, Evergolds, Eclipse, Elkhounds, Elements and Eagles. Theses options had already had trademark applications submitted for them.

On March 1, 2021, the team also submitted trademark applications for “Energy” and “Elks”. And for all those worried about the grammar error surrounding “Elks”, CTV confirmed that both “Elk” and “Elks” are considered acceptable in the dictionary.

This change has received a significant amount of support which is no surprise. When the Angus Reid Institute asked fellow Canadians their thoughts it was revealed that common opinion was to rebrand the team as 29% of voters found the name offensive.

Legendary sports reporter Terry Jones had thought the team had settled on “The Elks”, it appears that the search continues for the perfect title to represent our proud Canadian team.

Keep in mind since the beginning back in November, the Edmonton Football Team received almost 15,000 name suggestions for the team formerly known as the Edmonton Eskimos. The word 'Eskimos' after some claimed it promoted racist stereotypes. Fans were then asked to rank the seven names from best to worst, having had until Sunday to do so.

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