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Edmonton Elks or Evergreens? Football team asks the fans to vote on a new team name

Elk, Evergreens, Evergolds, Eclipse, Elkhounds, Eagles and Elements: these are the seven new names listed as possibilities for the EE Football Team's future name according to a release published today.

Last year, the CFL team dropped the word 'Eskimos' after some claimed it promoted racist stereotypes. Fans have been asked to rank the seven names from best to worst.

"In November, we asked the public to join us in EE NameTime, a call out to help us find the best name for our beloved team. We’ve had THOUSANDS of submissions from all over the world," reads the EE report. "This final call to provide input will give you a chance to review the painstakingly drafted shortlist of 7 names that best fit the naming criteria. This will help us rank the best of the best. Rank them from your favorite to least favorite, as you prefer them. The final ranking will be evaluated for next steps in the name selection process."

Not all are taking the change well. "I’ve listened to them! They all sound terrible! Maybe they should move away from keeping the double EE and come up with a totally different identity. Limiting themselves to only names that start with E has had a horrendous start," wrote one commenter. Another said, "no matter what they pick, let’s just chant “go Esks go” and sing the fight song anyway."

Former Edmonton offensive lineman Eric Upton also weighed on, saying that "it’s very emotional for me. It’s very emotional to me to have the name changed. I get it, but I don’t like it.” Upton prefers the animal-related names and says 'Eagles' is his current choice. He also left room to criticize one of the seven options. “I think I’d be hard pressed to play for the Evergreens," he said.

The Edmonton football club has meant much to the city and die hard fans. The club has played large support for minor football and all various charitable organizations throughout Canada.

Warren Moon, Tom Wilkinson, Willie Pless and Henry GIZMO Williams have all worn the classic green & gold with class and honor.

Once an E***** Always an E***** by heart.

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