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Driver Busted with Do-It-Yourself Homemade License plates in Wildrose Country

Do-it-yourself home decorating is one thing - but this Albertan got caught on the wrong side of the craft table.

An Alberta-based RCMP officer caught a driver with a license plate made out of paper stuck to the bumper of their car. RCMP reported that the driver had printed out the plate themselves. The incident took place near Leduc on Highway 2.

RCMP officers didn’t immediately notice the faux plate because of the glare from the hard plastic cover. They did, however, notice the tinted cover, which was cause to pull the driver over. After running the plates, the police data bank check told them that the car was not in the system.

Cracking under the officer’s initial questioning, the driver confessed to being without a vehicle registration or a driver’s license.

Without a legal registration, the driver had gotten crafty. They made up a license plate number and created the image on their computer, printing it off and gluing it to a metal plate. Underneath the DIY license? A vanity plate reading “I (Heart) My Car”.

The driver was issued an initial fine of over $2,000.00 with possible penalties of at least $2,875.00 if convicted. The cost of vehicle registration in Alberta is $84. Potential charges include operating an unregistered motor vehicle and the use of an altered plate.

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