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Don Cherry Backs Trucker Convoy

“I am 100% behind the truckers,” Don Cherry told the Toronto Sun on Friday. “They are salt of the earth and the heartbeat of the country.”

Cherry said he’s “thrilled” to see all of the patriotism countrywide.

“I am also impressed with all of the people out cheering on the highways and bridges,” he said. “They are out there offering lunches and pats on the back all across the country. It’s amazing. I mean that’s not easy. It’s -20C out there. And yet they are there to let the truckers know they are with them.”

Celebrity supports now include Cherry, in addition to billionaire Elon Musk, and celebrities like Rob Schneider, Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan.

Cherry spoke on about the mandate and truckers.

“I was never a truck driver but I was the guy loading the trucks when they came in,” said Cherry. “Until I went to the Boston Bruins as coach, I worked every summer in construction. When I was in Rochester, I worked at Kodak.”

“They are a tough group,” he said. “They pick up or drop off their load and then they’re right back in their rigs to drive a thousand miles to do it again.”

“It should always be a person’s own choice,” he said of vaccines. “I have had three shots but it was my own decision. I did not tell anybody else what they should do and would never tell anybody what they should do. It’s up to them.”

“Freedom of speech or choice, or how to vote, is why all of those soldiers died in wars,” Cherry said, adding he doesn’t worry about truckers or supporters causing trouble in Ottawa but hopes a “few radicals out there don’t ruin it for everybody else.”

“Don’t care what anybody else thinks. I lasted on TV for 40 years doing that,” he said.

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