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Derek Sloan gives special Members Statement in the Commons, attacks O'Toole

In a special Members Statement in the House of Commons on the first day back of the Winter Session for Parliament, Sloan delivered a statement on the key issues of the Keystone XL pipeline cancellation by the US as well as the anti-energy legislation brought forward by the Liberals and being supported by the CPC.

"Mr. Speaker, the Keystone XL cancellation is a stunning blow to all Canadians," Sloan stated. "There's hardly a small town in Ontario that doesn't have a business that manufactures for the energy industry. While this cancellation is lamentable, this is precisely the goal of the Paris Agreement and the Liberals' net zero Bill C-12. The fact this cancellation occurred the same day the US rejoined the Paris Agreement is telling. Shutting down projects like Keystone won't decrease global oil demand, but it will ensure Canada gets a lower price for its oil, receives less tax revenue, and that more Canadians remain out of work.

Sloan went on. "It will ensure we import more oil from Saudi Arabia and others with awful environmental and human rights track records. I know why the Liberals and others will support this bill, but I'm surprised the Conservatives and Erin O'Toole will support this."

Angry voices could then be heard in the chamber in response to Sloan's remark. "I'm voting against C-12, and I hope some of my former Conservative colleagues will have the courage to stand against this assault on our energy industry," he concluded.

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