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'Defund the CBC' Clothing & Coffee is a hit for many Canadians

"We are adding a NEW coffee to our lineup," writes the official Resistance Coffee Facebook page. "DEFUND THE CBC is a single-origin brazil roast. This is a true crowd-pleaser. Raise a cup to the demise of the Fake News CBC!"

For 16 dollars, one can get a 340g bag of either whole bean or ground DEFUND THE CBC coffee, flavored with tasting notes of walnuts, chocolate and red fruit. 10% of every purchase "goes to non-profits fighting for the constitutional freedoms of Canadians," the site reports. The website also remarks that "We love free speech, [we are] not so crazy about propaganda. This coffee is roasted in protest of the government-funded fake news CBC."

The site also sells "Defund the CBC" shirts.

The phrase has become a common catchphrase of Canadian conservatives including our very own Rob Boutilier:

Perhaps most recently, the integrity of CBC has come under question for hosting an interview with Canadian author Ben Philippe, whose newest book "Sure, I'll Be Your Black Friend" contains a half-page description of the author's vision of gassing and bombing white people during a race war. The article was subsequently deleted and reuploaded with additional information where Ben notes that the controversial segment was referring to "a grotesque dystopia in which I have to be at war with my friends and family. People I love.

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