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Davos and the Great Reset ''eco -colonists'' are back for 2021

On January 21st, 2021, The World Economic Forum released a short promotional video stating how imperative it is to start moving forward with a 2030 agenda.

The Davos promotional video was released a day after Joe Biden was sworn in as the President of the United States; the same day he reversed former president Donald Trump's executive orders, like re-entering the Paris climate accord, rejoining with the WHO, killing the Keystone pipeline project, and reversing the executive orders against China. I will explain why this is relevant.

I'm sure you all remember when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made international headlines in a video that went viral during a zoom meeting and they were supposed to be talking about post-COVID-19 recovery, and ended up talking about what is now known as “The Great Reset.” You may also recall the mainstream media brushed it off, telling Canadians that it was nothing more than a conspiracy theory after the Freudian slip occurred. Premier Jason Kenney on the other hand did in fact confirm it is definitely not a conspiracy theory in a Q&A session video he did with the Albertans.

The Great Reset is the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. It had been adjoined by the phrase “build back better,” which was not only Joe Biden's campaign slogan, but has been since repeated by leaders all around the world, including our Prime Minister. What does it mean? Build back better; the fourth industrial revolution; COVID-19; the "new normal," they're all synonymous with this reset, which as Pierre Poilievre pointed out, means handing over control of our economic system to global financial elites. Like the saying goes, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

There is a week long event scheduled that will comprise “Davos Agenda Week;” day one ran alongside the Climate Adaption Summit 2021. The list of speakers for this event were the usual foreign leaders, not from any of the countries where taxpayers are actually footing the bill, but from socialist and communist countries. These are the people who are making decisions that we have no say in; who were not elected by us in the democratic way. Their decisions will be made with little consideration to the added repercussions it could have on the citizens of the world.

To summarize, let us look at the seven key subjects that comprise the Davos Agenda. They are:

-Saving the planet - building net zero Cities, resetting consumption for a sustainable future, and championing the idea of carbon markets

-Fairer economies - restoring economic growth, resetting digital currencies, and strengthening the financial system.

-Tech for good - Harnessing the fourth industrial revolution, resetting the business of data and AI; transforming supply chains in Asia-Pacific.

-Society & Future of Work - delivering social justice in the new economy, building inclusive, sustainable and job-creating growth in Africa; renewing the moral foundations of a post-COVID world.

-Better business - Implementing stakeholder capitalism and rethinking cities for a Post-COVID future.

-Healthy futures - boosting vaccine confidence, building crisis-resistant health systems in a Post-COVID world

-Beyond geopolitics - preparing for deglobalization, shaping post pandemic politics, resetting geopolitics and boosting Europe’s green transition.

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