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CTV Anchor tweets out tasteless remark at the Oilers Star & later apologizes

At least one Calgarian isn't a fan of Connor McDavid, ice hockey centre and captain of the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL and widely considered to be one of the most players in the league.

Chris Epp, a senior reporter and news anchor for CTV Calgary, tweeted the following off-colour remark after a good play by McDavid:

The tweet was immediately pounced upon by critics. It has since been deleted.

"McDavid has 57 more points than the Flames top point getter this year. Imagine being this salty about what McDavid has been able to accomplish in the same division. And, oh yeah, Sam Bennett set a Panthers record for most points in first 10 games," attributing the comment to the famous Calgary-Edmonton rivalry.

"Jealousy is an ugly beast.... kudos to McDavid," wrote one. "I believe that’s what they call a CLM (Career Limiting Move). Salty!" "Or a ending move. Wow," chimed another."

Epp subsequently apologized for his remark.

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