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CTF Launches Petition to Defund CBC

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has launched a petition to defund the CBC and end media bailout.

Addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it reads as follows:

"The CBC costs taxpayers more than $1 billion per year and the federal government is giving media organizations a $600-million bailout.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund the CBC and other media organizations. We should be able to choose which organization we want to support with our own money.

We, the undersigned, call on the federal government to defund the CBC and end its media bailout."

The petition can be viewed here.

Criticism of the CBC has been on the rise as of late; the CTF is not the first to propose defunding.

Recently, Canadian author and psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson attacked the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over its coverage of the Freedom Convoy .

Peterson made the remarks on his podcast with guest Dr. Julie Ponesse. He stated that CBC's “appallingly corrupt” practices should bar it from further federal funding.

“There’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever for another single dollar of Canadian taxpayer money to go to support that appallingly corrupt, ideologically warped, politically correct, collusionary media source with the federal government. It’s inexcusable, and the rest of the media – well, it’s part of their pronounced death spiral,” said Peterson.

Read more about Peterson's take here.

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