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Critical Safeguards to Protect Vulnerable Canadians Removed From Bill C-7

Barrhead AB: Last night, Arnold Viersen Member of Parliament for Peace River – Westlock voted against the amended Bill C-7. Unfortunately, the Bill passed the House of Commons with Senate amendments that remove provisions intended to protect vulnerable Canadians, including those with disabilities and those living with mental illness. The Bill will return to the Senate next week.

MP Arnold Viersen was disappointed to see the Liberals and Bloc reject the advice of organizations representing vulnerable Canadians.

“Conservatives put forward an amendment that would have prevented access to MAID where mental illness is the only reason for the request. This amendment was defeated.”

The revised Bill C-7 will harm the most vulnerable Canadians, putting them at risk of discrimination and death.

“Bill C-7 now undermines suicide prevention initiatives and normalizes death as a solution to suffering. What we need is a government that supports the rights of disabled Canadians and those living will mental illness and prioritizes assisted living, not assisted dying.”

“I would like to thank the 24 NDP, 3 Liberals, and 2 Greens, for joining us in defence of vulnerable Canadians.”

“We must commit ourselves to ensuring no one is coerced into receiving MAID and remind those who are suffering that their lives are worth living.

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