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Court Sides with Alberta in Challenge of the No More Pipelines Bill

This week, the Alberta Court of Appeals ruled that the Liberals’ No More Pipelines Bill C-69 was unconstitutional.

“This is great news for Alberta and a win for oil and gas workers. Bill C-69 (the Impact Assessment Act) was undermining and eroding the economic growth in our communities with zero benefit to our environment,” said Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen. “The ruling recognized that Bill C-69 was a ‘threat to the division of powers guaranteed by the constitution, and to Canada itself’.”

“I have opposed this Bill from day one. We need a government that fights for our way of life and the resources we produce. We need a government that protects Canada for Canadians not from Canadians.”

“I will continue to fight for the hard-working Canadians in the many communities across my riding. We rely on natural resource development, especially oil sands production.”

“The Conservative Party of Canada will continue to stand up for our world class resource sectors in Canada and the ability for our province and Indigenous communities to be partners in developing the resources the world wants and needs.”

First Nations across Peace River – Westlock also opposed Bill C-69 – the No More Pipelines Bill. In 2020, the Woodland Cree First Nation joined the province of Alberta to intervene in support of the province’s constitutional challenge of Bill C-69.

During debate on Bill C-69 in Parliament, Woodland Cree First Nation Chief Isaac Laboucan stated: “Bill C-48 & C-69, they do no justice to our people, to western Canada. They are detrimental to our economy. Alberta is in crisis right now. Without economic resources, we are all in jeopardy." 

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