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Counter-petition launched against GoFundMe for Adamson BBQ

After a GoFundMe page for Adam Skelly's legal defense has reached almost $300,000 as of Monday evening, far above the initial $10,000 target, a counter-petition has been launched, calling on the website to "reevaluate" its platform. Skelly, owner of Adamson BBQ in Etobicoke, opened his restaurant for dine-in service Wednesday despite current lock-down rules.

"Whether you agree with these mandates or not, he [Skelly] is putting the lives of others at risk and selfishly breaking the law in order to gain fame and attention," noted Lindsay Fraser, the woman who launched the counter-petition. "This is not right and I am asking GoFundMe to reevaluate what it’s platform should and should not be used for and to remove this so called “fundraiser" immediately. It’s setting a bad precedent for others, and giving money to a “rich kid” instead of to people and small businesses who actually need it."

Fraser also claimed that Skelly is a "white privileged anti-masker conspiracy theorist who comes from money" and accordingly should not be labelled as a 'working-class hero.'

The counter-petition has reached just over 4,000 signatures as of Monday evening.

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