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Convicted sex offender hired as home inspector

A mayor of a town just south of Chicago has hired a man who spent 24 years in prison for kidnapping two young teenage girls as a code enforcement officer.

“On Sept. 20, village records show Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard hired 46-year-old Lavelle Redmond as a code enforcement officer — a job in which he goes into Dolton homes and businesses to inspect them and make sure they are up to code,” Fox 32 reported.

Redmond, a registered child sex offender, is listed on the Illinois State Police child sex offender registry. In 1991, he participated in a gang rape and beating in the Roseland area. “He and three other people kidnapped and sexually assaulted two girls, ages 13 and 14,” Fox 32 noted.

Henyard, a single mom who grew up in Dolton, was elected mayor overwhelmingly in April with 82% of the vote, ABC 7 reported. After being sworn in, she stated, “Dolton residents, I am reporting for duty. … I grew up with safe streets and I did not have any problems. It was a suburb. I want to bring that back to Dolton.”

Outraged female residents responded to the news of Redmond’s hiring with quotes such as these, according to Fox 32: “Crazy. I don’t know. He won’t get in my house though,” said one woman.

“I will be terrified to know now if he had come to my house to do a code inspection. I’ll be terrified,” said another woman.

Yet another woman told the outlet: “Oh my god. Don’t they supposed to do background checks before they allow these people to in these kind of positions?”

According to the Daily Wire, the 2010 census recorded 23,153 people living there, and of these homes, 32.2% had a female householder with no husband present.

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