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Conservatives Who Don’t Believe In The Lockdowns Still Exist

Yesterday, April 6, 2021, Premier Kenny announced that Alberta would once again be starting from phase one of its reopening plane. This means that indoor gatherings are still not allowed. Outdoor gatherings cannot have more than 10 people in attendance, and all restaurants are closed for indoor dining. Any retail stores must lower their capacity again, to 15%. Only one-on-one fitness sessions with a trainer are permitted, by appointment only. As always , social distancing is required and masks are mandated. The list seems never ending.

A letter addressed to Albertans was released today on Drew Barnes social media platform's. There were some very clear opinions included and a call for the government to rescind its decision to lockdown the province once again.

The letter states:


We, the undersigned United Conservative Party caucus Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, acknowledge the physical and mental health effects that COVID-19 has taken on the most vulnerable members of our population. We have always been concerned about the health and safety of our most vulnerable and are grateful vaccinations are underway.

In 2021, Alberta’s government announced what we believed to be a clear path forward to reopen our province. It took the public health threat of COVID-19 seriously and provided a step-by-step plan to lift restrictions and restore confidence to our small businesses and communities.

We believe that yesterday’s announcement to move our province backwards, effectively abandoning the plan that Albertans have worked over the past months to follow, is the wrong decision.

We have heard from our constituents, and they want us to defend their livelihoods, and freedoms as Albertans. For months we have raised these concerns at the highest levels of government and unfortunately, the approach of the government has remained the same.

As MLA’s, we are calling on our government colleagues to recognize the plea of our constituents. After 13 painstaking months of COVID-19 public health restrictions, we do not support the additional restrictions imposed on Albertan’s yesterday, and we will continue advocating for a transparent path forward that provides certainty to Alberta families, communities and businesses.

The letter was then signed by 15 MLA’s. Drew Barnes of Cypress- Medicine Hat, one of the many signatures. Barnes has stood for Alberta’s human rights throughout this pandemic and has responded with Alberta's best interest at heart. It seems his fight is continuing in his pursuit of our rights and freedoms.

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