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Conservatives Release Dissenting Report Calling on Liberals to Secure a Softwood Lumber Agreement

FORT ST. JOHN – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies and Member of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, issued the following statement regarding the committee’s report on the economic recovery of the forestry sector:

Today, the Standing Committee on Natural Resources delivered a report that failed to reflect the evidence heard by the committee. That is why we Conservatives on the committee have submitted a dissenting report.

“Our dissenting report points out the Liberals’ lack of effort in securing a Softwood Lumber Agreement, as well as their continued delay in providing Canadians with a detailed plan on how they will plant two billion trees in ten years. The report also highlights the need for the government to recognize the significant progress the forest industry has made in environmental protection and sustainable resource development.

“With news that the U.S. Commerce Department is moving to double tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber imports, it is increasingly apparent that securing an agreement is vital to our forestry sector’s long-term stability.

“From failing to negotiate a new Softwood Lumber Agreement to promises of planting two billion trees without a plan, it is clear that this Liberal government does not hold the forestry sector as a top priority. I have seen firsthand the devastating impact this failure has had on mills and communities throughout our region.

“My Conservative colleagues and I understand how important this sector is to our national economy and will continue to work to secure predictability in our forestry sector for its workers and their families.”

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