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Conservative MP's Pressure Justice Minister to Fight Internet Exploitation from Mindgeek/Pornhub

Barrhead AB: Yesterday the Ethics Committee held another meeting regarding its study on MindGeek/Pornhub and sexual exploitation.

MP Arnold Viersen had an opportunity to question the Justice Minister David Lametti and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki over the lack of charges and investigations despite countless videos of sex trafficking, child abuse, rape, all published online for years with no charges laid.

With the Justice Minister, MP Viersen started by following up with the Justice Minister’s response to a letter from Parliamentarians in November regarding the strength of Canada’s laws to prevent exploitation. The Minister confirmed that despite no charges ever been laid, he was still confident that Canada had adequate and “robust” laws. (Video Link)

MP Viersen then urged the Minister to consider issuing a prosecutorial directive, which he has the authority to do. The Minister refused to commit to a prosecutorial directive. (Video Link)

Finally, MP Viersen challenged the Minister to address MindGeek’s claim that they didn’t have to report child sexual abuse images to Canadian authorities because they weren’t a Canadian company – despite having 1000 employees in Montreal. The Minister refused to confirm that companies operating in Canada had to follow Canadian law, regardless of where they were headquartered. (Video Link)

Later in the meeting, MP Viersen also questioned RCMP Commissioner Lucki on whether MindGeek had a responsibility to report child abuse material to Canadian authorities, as the Mandatory Reporting Act requires. The Commissioner confirmed that everyone in Canada had a responsibility to report but indicated challenges with jurisdiction when it came to MindGeek.

The full meeting can be viewed here: Video Link. Transcript of MP Viersen's questions and replies is attached.

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