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ConocoPhillips set to let go of their workers in coming months

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Recently the crude oil and natural gas company, ConocoPhillips, which is based out of Alaska, was served an emergency order to halt on the Willow Project. The Willow project is based out of the BearTooth Unit in a northwest portion of the natural petroleum reserve. It would have not only provided thousands of jobs but also would have produced a significant income for the federal government, Alaska and the communities surrounding the project.

However, over the past weekend the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued the emergency order to stop all progress on the job. This was due partially to the fact that ConocoPhillips had hired two corporations to build ice roads over a frozen tundra and there was major concern surrounding the results of the spring meltdown in the area. The other reason being that since the wheels had been put into motion other parties had made claims against Trump saying that he had not gone through all of the legal procedures to grant this project.

A day after the Willow project was stalled Natalie Lowman, a spokesperson for ConocoPhillips gave a statement surrounding the severances that were to come. Although she claims that the halting of the project had nothing to with the mass let go’s, it is public knowledge that the company has lost millions of dollars with the halt of Willow.

Lowman informed the public that they will be letting go of 8-9% of their 1,100 employees due to workforce reductions. This is a range of 88-99 employees that will be out of work. However all of them will receive outplacement services, benefits because of HR policies as well as a few other added perks.

Lowman had also given a statement to Alaska news source stating, “This past year has emphasized the need to stay focused on cost and become more efficient on what we do. With the acquisition of Concho Resources, we have revisited our overall structure and that has resulted in job losses company wide.”

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