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Company Sells "Wet Pants Denim" that give the appearance of incontinence

Updated: May 28, 2021

Wet Pants Denim is attempting to be the latest trendsetter in the denim market.

"[We] deliver the appearance of authentic urinary incontinence without the commonly experienced discomfort," their website writes. "Every pair is individually prepared by hand, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and enabling a fully custom design of the splash pattern."

"There is clearly a wet pants movement," they argue. "Celebrities, influencers and everyday individuals alike are feigning incontinence in search of the "wet pants" look. Here at Wet Pants Denim, we're delivering an identical style without the need to feel uncomfortable. Our jeans are individually procured for each order and hand-dyed, ensuring that every pair is one-of-a-kind."

Orders can be made through PayPal (or through a cryptocurrency known as 'Pisscoin') and are shipped in five to seven business days. Your new jeans will set you back about 75 USD. Conversely, the Bring Your Own Pants ("BYOP") option lets you ship in your old jeans to get them back at a later date with their trademark "wet" look.

"Under absolutely no circumstances do we accept returns," they affirm.

One commenter on Facebook had something to say. "I have never been more pleased with these pants. I've purchased multiple pairs, and I turn a LOT of heads. This is the height of fashion, and I promise you, you will change the atmosphere when you walk into a room wearing a pair of these." We remain cautiously doubtful.

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