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Citizen’s Call For Pierre Trudeau’s Name To Be Stripped From Montreal Airport

An American diplomatic document has floated to the surface and has revealed a harsh truth from Canadian and Quebec history. It appears that Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau played a large hand in sabotaging the separatist movement during the 1970’s.

In a report from ambassador Thomas Enders of the U.S. State Department , it was revealed that on December 22, 1972, PM Trudeau Senior was involved in plotting against the movement by aggressive means and harm to the Quebec economy. He was finding ways to increase unemployment in the province and was planning to ask key investors “to pull out of Quebec” to steer the citizens away from separatism.

This report was written shortly after Robert Bourcassa and his liberals were pushed aside and Rene Levesque and the Parti of Quebecois came to power.

Trudeau had also approached Power Corporation Chairman Paul Desmarais, who just so happened to be one of Quebec’s most powerful businessmen at the time. During this exchange Trudeau had allegedly asked Desmarais to “make it as tough as possible” on the province.

Upon finding out this information the citizens of Quebec are feeling immensely betrayed and have accused former PM Trudeau of “economic sabotage”. This was the cause of them creating a petition to scrub Trudeau’s name from the Montreal airport and instead bestow the honor to Rene Levesque.

To date the petition has over 22,000 signatures including Paul St-Pierre, the current leader of PQ.

The petition states, “The goal of this odious sabotage strategy was to deliberately undermine the socio-economic status of the Quebec people in order to further undermine the popularity of the independence movement… It’s high time to clear our major international airport of the name of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.”

To punctuate the message of this petition and hopeful change to the airport’s name, the statement closes coldly saying, “This man is not worthy of such an honor in Quebec.”

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