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Charles Barkley quitting ‘Inside the NBA’, blames cancel culture

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Charles Barkley, a part of the the award-winning "Inside the NBA" since 2000, is set to quit at 60.

The 58-year old told WJFK 106.7 The Fan in Washington that cancel culture was to blame.

Barkley said higher-ups from Turner Sports reached out to him to stop with his long-running joke where he makes fun of the women of San Antonio.

“If you crack a joke the wrong way, they’re like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, you crossed the line,’” Barkley said. “I mean, they won’t even let me talk about San Antonio anymore when I’m always talking about their big ole women down in San Antonio. They’re like, ‘Charles, we got one lady (who) wrote an article.’ I’m like, ‘First of all, I didn’t call anybody personally fat in San Antonio; I was just joking around.’

“We’ve been having fun with this for probably 10–15 years. We go to San Antonio; the people are having a blast with it. The people in San Antonio had T-shirts made up.”

“You can’t even have fun nowadays without these characters trying to get you canceled and things like that,” he added.

”I’m trying to hang on for another couple of years until I’m 60 and then they can kiss my ass. I’m only working until 60. I’ve already told them that. I’m not working until the day I die. That’s just stupid. And if I don’t have enough money by now, I’m an idiot, anyway. They should fire me, anyway.

“That’s all we ever talk about behind the scenes like, ‘Yo, man, be careful going in this direction.’ I’m like, ‘Yo, man, we can’t even have fun anymore.’ We’ve had fun all these years and now all of a sudden in the last year and a half, everybody is trying to get everybody fired and it really sucks.”

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