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Charest Attacks Poilievre On Convoy, Crypto, Climate

Charest took the chance to hit Poilievre on the three Cs this weekend. He implied Poilievre should be disqualified from even running.

“Everyone knows that Pierre Poilievre supported the blockade,” Charest said in an interview on CTV’s Question Period. “If you say to Canadians: ‘I want to be the leader of the Conservative Party and I want to be the chief legislator of the country, but I don't have to obey the laws,’ I'm sorry. That's not just a failure in leadership. It disqualifies you, as far as I'm concerned, as being someone who thinks or aspires to be a leader of a party.”

“He supported the blockade. There's consequences to those decisions. And one of the consequences is that he should not be a leader of a party, even less a prime minister,” Charest said, noting that the protests led to businesses having to close, costing people their jobs.

In the interview, Charest attacked his position on crypto. Poilievre wants to make Canada the “crypto capital of the world,” and condemned him for “attacking the Bank of Canada.”

“You want to be prime minister of Canada, and you're telling Canadians that cryptocurrency is going to wipe out inflation? Does anyone credible believe that? Is there any economic person in the country who actually said that he was right? I mean, this is it's not just wrong. It's bizarre,” Charest said.

He also called his environmental plan foolish.

“Our carbon position going into the next campaign cannot be a slogan. And if the only thing you're offering is a slogan, the Conservatives will be dead in the water,” Charest said.

“I haven't heard anything on his part that says he's serious about the environment, apart from a slogan. And we know where that leads. That leads to direct defeat in the next election campaign. Talk to the candidates who ran in the last campaign. If you knock on a door," said Charest. "And you don't have anything credible to say about climate, you're dead in the water. Canadians care about this issue.”

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