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CCF launches petition and search for impacted individuals for domestic vaccine passport case

TORONTO: The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) has launched a search for individuals who have been impacted by the Manitoba and Prince Edward Island requirements for proof of vaccination to enter the province. Along with this search, the CCF has launched a petition against domestic vaccine passports in Canada.

The campaign page for this initiative can be found here.

“We are searching for individuals who need to travel to Prince Edward Island or Manitoba from another part of Canada and who are impacted by the requirement to show proof of vaccination in order to be exempted from a provincial quarantine requirement,” said CCF Litigation Director, Christine Van Geyn.

“As an organization, we support voluntary vaccination. Millions of Canadians have already made the choice to get vaccinated, and over three quarters of Canadians have already received their first dose. If this isn’t good enough to ease restrictions, what is? The high rates of vaccination within Canada make interprovincial restrictions a massive overreach,” continued Van Geyn.

Currently, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island are the only provinces that require individuals entering the province to register with the government and provide proof of vaccination in order to avoid provincially mandated 14 day quarantines.

“Canadians have a Charter protected right to move freely within their own country. They should not be required to provide private medical information to bureaucrats in order to move within their country. That’s why we launched this petition and it’s why we are looking for impacted individuals who are willing to tell their stories,” concluded Van Geyn

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