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MP Candice Bergen: "Is there a plan to end the lockdowns?"

A heated debate broke out in Parliament today between the Hon. Candice Bergen, the deputy leader of the opposition and MP for Portage—Lisgar, and the Liberal government.

"Mr. Speaker, we are over a year into COVID. Lockdowns were put into place to temporarily protect our people until tools became available. Now that we have access to vaccines and other such treatment, our federal government hasn't delivered them as quickly as other countries; when the US, the YK and others are planning a final end to restrictions and are promising freedom once again, here [in Canada] there is no hope - where is the data-driven, detailed federal plan to end lockdowns? Is there a plan?"

Jonathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, proceeded to lambast the Tories for not believing in reality by not acknowledging the existence of climate change - referring to a vote wherein Conservative delegates at the party's policy convention rejected adding green-friendly statements to the policy book . "We know what's real is that the government doesn't have a plan to end lockdowns. [Furthermore,] for over two years, the two Michaels have been held in China. Now that they're having they're day in court, our ambassador is missing in action - he didn't show up. Why is that? Is he hand-delivering a 40 million dollar cheque to China for the Asian infrastructure bank?

"Actions speak louder than words," Bergen continued. "The Liberals have used imprisonment of Canadians not to deal with Huawei. Now, while the two are appearing in this kangaroo court, we've sent 40 million to China. How can we have any confidence that the Prime Minister is acting in the best interest of Canadians when he's sending millions to the same communist regime that kept them captive?"

Marc Garneau responded to Bergen's criticisms by acknowledging that the arbritrary detention of Canadian civilians is unacceptable, disavowing the detaining of citizens when having a difference of opinion. However, he did not respond to Bergen's query about the Asian infrastructure bank.

Scheer had previously called on the Trudeau government to cut Canada's funding to China's Asian infrastructure bank, to no avail.

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