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Canadian Startup lets you pay Rent with Bitcoin

A new Vancouver-based startup rental platform known as will give clients the ability to pay their rent with Bitcoin. This news comes as more companies start to accept cryptocurrency payments. has apartments and homes listed for rent across Canada. The company works to automate every part of the renting process, from finding your apartment to signing the contract.

As part of the rental transaction, tenants pay their rent with the cryptocurrency; the landlord will receive the payment in CAD with the startup being responsible for the exchange.

"People are requesting more choices," said'sector of research development Fuad Arafa. "We're giving choices to the people."

The renter can pay with either Coinbase or any other cryptocurrency wallet. Both the tenant and the landlord need to be on the platform to take advantage of the crypto payment option.

Through the "ID Verified" label, ensures both landlords and rentals are verified by the site.

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