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Canadian Producers to Tap Strategic Maple Syrup Reserves to Alleviate Shortage

The Canadian group Quebec Maple Syrup Producers issued an announcement today that it will release about 50 million pounds of ‘liquid gold’—over half of its pool of reserve syrup—in light of a global syrup shortage.

The shortage this year follows a sharp, 21 per cent increase in demand worldwide for the sweet stuff, according to Bloomberg. Quebec currently provides close to 70 per cent of the world’s maple syrup.

“That’s why the reserve is made, to never miss maple syrup. And we won’t miss maple syrup!” Helene Normandin, the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers’ communications director, told NPR.

Normandin added that the group has started to plan for the future.

“What we can figure at this moment is maybe the season here in Quebec will start a bit earlier in February, instead of March, and end earlier also.”

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers will be tapping seven million more trees top up reserves, reports NPR. Maple syrup is harvested using lines attached to a vacuum system and a metal tap installed in the trunk.

This is not the first time Quebec's maple syrup reserve has made headlines. In 2012, more than 3,000 tons of maple syrup were stolen from the stockpile over the course of months. The value of the heist was estimated at nearly $19 million Canadian dollars.

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