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Canadian Parole Board Denies Deportation of Pimp to Russia

A violent pimp who has been psychologically profiled as a 'psychopath' for years, will not be deported back to Russia.

“The risk assessment corresponds to a profile that qualifies for psychopathy, which is often associated with high dangerousness,” the parole board wrote concerning his behaviour. “With respect to violent recidivism, the results indicate a moderate risk in a correctional institution and a moderate (to) high risk in the community.”

Evgueni Mataev, a Russian citizen, was denied both day and full parole on Thursday. Mataev asked to have his parole hearing postponed six times since 2019 so he could clear up his citizenship status in Russia before asking for a release. He told the board he plans to return to his country of origin.

However, the board determined the plan he “presented does not include the necessary elements that could mitigate the risk you present, whether in Russia or Canada.”

“You indicated to the board that you learned a lot while incarcerated, but had a hard time identifying the tools you could use when facing difficulties. You put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the environment and associates will be different in Russia. However, the board finds that the challenges will be similar to those in Canada.”

Mataev’s was convicted of pimping just four weeks after he was released from a detention centre. Mataev was initially ordered to be deported in 2003, but Russia claimed it had no record of him and refused to accept him. The issue was still not resolved by July 2010 and the Immigration and Refugee Board felt it was left with no choice but to release Mataev, even though he was still considered a dangerous criminal.

In 2016, Mataev was declared a dangerous offender and received an indefinite sentence, which means it is up to the parole board to decide when he can be released.

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