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Canadian Flag design Swastika planted in front of Windsor hospital this past week

The Windsor police Morality Unit is investigating an incident involving a swastika sign, near the entrance to Prince Rd. campus on the Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare property.

The painted sign resembled the Canadian flag, but with the maple leaf replaced by a swastika. According to police, a similar sign was also found on Tuesday afternoon in the 300-block of Tecumseh Rd. E.

Officials with Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare called it "disgusting."

Vice President of External Affairs Bill Marra told iHeartRadio that he believes it to be the work of a man who has been anonymously contacting the hospital CEO Janice Kaffer since February, attacking her decision to push for public safety during the pandemic.

"Janice has been out there promoting public health guidelines, encouraging people to stay safe and he's been attacking Janice. We can't prove it, that it's the same individual, but when you consider the references that he's made including a very bizarre reference to Nuremberg and Nazis on trial. It's inappropriate. It's offensive and we feel it's harmful for that type of behavior in what really is a residential neighborhood as well where there's a number of children and families that live along that street and across the street from where he put that sign."

"If it's a one-off, and hopefully it is, then it ends there. If there's continued behavior, then hopefully there's an opportunity for us to find out who is responsible. We can agree to disagree on certain things, but this is ramped up behavior. Whoever this person is won't even disclose who they are. So that's certainly behavior consistent with a coward."

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