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Canadian Casino CEO resigns after facing Charges over getting Vaccinated in the Yukon with his wife

Yukon has made it to phase 3 of reopening it’s province and is doing all that it can to maintain their hard earned stride such as having strict procedures in place. Under the CEMA Act anyone entering the province must:

  • Provide valid proof of that you are not required to self isolate

  • Show government issued identification

  • Fill out a Declaration form (which not only identifies which provinces you have visited, who you are traveling with, your purpose for your visit, and how long you plan on staying, but also informs you of all the rules.)

  • Confirm that they don’t have COVID-19 symptoms.

Under this Act the most important rule found is written several times in the declaration form you are required to fill out. It’s simply that anyone entering the province must self-isolate for 14 days. It is also seen on all websites pertaining to the Yukon province.

Rodney Baker (55) and his young wife Ekatrina (32) entered into the province January 19, 2021 and signed these declaration papers (meaning that they read this important rule and were fully aware of all consequences). However, two days later on January 21, 2021, they Chartered a plane 446km to the small community of Beaver Creek. The couple then went to the COVID-19 vaccine center and told the healthcare officials that they worked at a local motel. Both received the Moderna vaccine.

Thankfully the healthcare official followed a gut feeling and reported the pair to the officials after the couple was overheard requesting transportation to the airport. CEMA Officers responded quickly to the report and were able to apprehend the couple while they were waiting to catch a flight to Vancouver at the Nielsen Whitehorse International airport.

Baker and his wife were charged under the CEMA Act for not self isolating and failing to behave in a manner consistent with declaration. Each of them were fined $575 per charge, bringing the grand total to $1,150 each.

Minister of Services, John Streicker, stated that, “The whole of Yukon is really frustrated and upset by this case. It really goes against this concept that we have as Canadians that we are dealing with the pandemic together.”

Streicker also noted that Beaver Creek is one of the small communities that they are trying so hard to protect. Beaver Creek is so small in fact that the population count is 100 with the average age being 39.8 years old and up. This age range coupled with the small population means that this community is extremely delicate in terms of transmitting COVID-19.

Streicker added, “It’s such a strange story. It would be interesting too if it wasn’t brutally awful as well.”

Baker was, up until this week the Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, owners of more than 20 casinos across Canada.On January 25,2021 the Corporation released a statement informing the public that Baker has resigned from all of his positions and essentially will no longer be affiliated with the company. At this time they have appointed Terrence Doyle as interim Chief Executive and will not comment further on Baker’s situation.

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