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Canada Post worker steals over $40K in packages

Between January and February of 2021, reports abounded of Canada Post packages having been stolen. The total value of the stolen goods amounted to over $10,000.

Investigators at Canada Post reported that they believed a Winnipeg employee to be at the center of the thefts.

This week, the investigation led to the delivery driver's home in Mynarski, leading to the discovery of over 100 stolen items, accounting for an additional $30,000 in stolen merchandise.

"An employee of Canada Post has been charged after a search warrant was executed at his residence where over 100 stolen items valued at over $30,000 were recovered. The thefts came to light after Canada Post conducted an internal audit and contacted WPS," reported the Winnipeg Police on Twitter.

"The stolen merchandise included electronics, makeup and clothing, which were still in their original mailed out packages," reads the media release.

"Most all of the reported stolen items were able to be returned to their original owners.

A 58-year adult male of Winnipeg was charged with one global charge of Theft from Mail (encompassing 46 events) and released on an Appearance Notice.

The investigation is still ongoing, and further charges may be laid in the future."

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