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Canada Drops in global rankings of 'best/worst' places to live in the World

According to the latest Bloomberg COVID-19 Resilience Ranking, Canada has become far from one of the best places to live during the COVID-19 pandemic

The report, updated on March 25, considers “the best places to be in the coronavirus era” by analyzing data from 53 countries worldwide. Countries like New Zealand, Taiwan and Israel, which has vaccinated more of its population than anywhere else in the world, rank highly on the list. . The U.S., U.K., and United Arab Emirates—places where doses given out are enough to cover at least a fifth of the population—also rose in this month’s ranking.

Overall, it considers COVID-19 case figures, death tolls and vaccine distribution in determining where the pandemic is being “handled most effectively.”

Following the March update, Canada has slipped down the ranking to 16th in the world with a "resilience score" of 63.6/100, below countries like New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Japan. Earlier this year, Canada was ranked in 13th place. However, it has since since been overtaken by countries like Thailand, Israel and Denmark.

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