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BREAKING: Drew Barnes Releases Statement after Caucus Expulsion

MLA Drew Barnes, one of two UCP legislators ejected from the party caucus this evening by Premier Kenney, released a statement on his departure. Barnes had previously spoken with TBT and subsequently broke with the party on the issue of lockdowns earlier this year, advocating for a localized approach rather than the incumbent top-down method.

"You and Todd Loewen can now show Albertans the value of independent MLAs who are not chained to the party line," wrote one supporter on Facebook. "I respect you for doing what you were elected to do. You have continued to listen with an open mind and hear the concerns of your constituents. It is very clear that Jason Kenney does not look at what is best for Albertans, and he has clearly forgotten the principles of the UCP party [...] The rest of the MLAs could take a lesson from you," wrote another.

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