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BREAKING - 2021 election results: Trudeau wins second minority government

The Liberals are projected to form a minority government after the 2021 Canadian election.

Canadians having chosen to let Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau continue in his role as prime minister, though the Liberals would still need to work with other parties in their second minority government.

As of 11:40 AM EST, the results stand as following: 158 seats for the Liberals (+1), 121 for the Tories (+0), 29 for the Bloc (-3), 28 for the NDP (+4), 2 for the Greens (+0) and 0 for the PPC.

Election results are expected to trickle in overnight as the mail-in ballots are counted, but the general consensus: not much as changed. Any Conservative gains have been offset by losses in Alberta, whereas the Liberals have not gained much ground either. Only the NDP's slight increase in seats is of note. Despite polls giving the PPC a much higher voter count this time around, Bernier's party did not win any ridings, including his former seat of Beauce.

Notable events include George Chahal polling in first place in Calgary Skyview, which would give the Liberals their first seat in the province. Maryam Monsef, ex-Minister for Women, has also lost her seat.

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