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Boutilier: Liberals beg for forgiveness from the Chinese Communist Regime

Recently a diplomat from the Canadian embassy in China had custom t-shirts made with the word Wuhan instead of Wu-Tang, a spoof on the popular rap group’s t-shirt design.

In a statement issued on the embassy website on Sunday, the Canadian government said it regrets the incident and did not mean to offend the communist Chinese government through these actions.

It read:

"The Embassy of Canada wishes to convey our sincere regret that the private production of T-shirts for embassy staff featuring Wuhan and the logo of a popular hip-hop group has offended public sentiment in China,"

"These T-shirts were not produced to make any statement, political or otherwise, and we regret the offence they may have caused."

While the Canadian government is more than willing to issue a grovelling apology to the Chinese Communist Party over a t-shirt design, their demand for an apology over the release of the Coronavirus and the devastation to the Canadian economy and Canadian people it has caused has yet to materialize.

In fact there are a large number of extremely troubling things the Chinese Communist Party has been doing that they are completely unapologetic for, and the Canadian government has done little to acknowledge any of these things.

For example, the kidnapping and arbitrary detainment of Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for more than 2 years now has not been rectified by the Liberal government.

The Chinese Communist Regime has not apologized for attempting to target and destroy Canada's canola industry any point.

Uyghur concentration camps are rife with torture, rape and murder by government officials, which has been going on for years with no acknowledgement from the Chinese government.

And to this day the people of Hong Kong are still having their freedom ripped away from them by the Communist regime.

Essentially the Liberal Party has put more effort into apologizing to China over a silly t-shirt design than they have into addressing any of the terrible actions of the Chinese Communist regime.

They refuse to hold the Chinese Communist regime accountable for the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic, however will beg for forgiveness over the word “Wuhan” on a t-shirt design.

Could our leadership be any weaker Canada?

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