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BOUTILIER: Fire Them All

Fire every last one of them.

While you were locked in your home unable to gather with family and friends, go to a gym, play hockey or attend public gatherings at least 8 members of the UCP decided they would travel over the holidays. Something you’re not privileged enough to do.

Your small business was suffering, failing, you were losing your job, your family didn’t know where their next meal would come from and you didn’t have enough money to cover rent let alone provide a nice Christmas for your children. While this was happening at least 8 members of the UCP left the province and scoffed at Albertans. All funded by your hard earned tax dollars.

That’s right, you paid their salaries, they made you broke, lonely and humiliated, then they happily took your tax dollars and spit in your face while doing all of the things they demanded you don’t do over the holidays.

They even deployed their police and bylaw officers to charge you for illegal gatherings with your loved ones. They sent their goons to violently arrest a young man for the crime of playing hockey with his friends. Think about that for a moment.

For you Albertans who aren’t happy with the UCP here are the names of the hypocrites.

Jason Stephan, the MLA for Red Deer-South

Pat Rehn, the MLA for Lesser Slave Lake

Tanya Fir, MLA for Calgary-Peigan

Jeremy Nixon, MLA for Calgary-Klein

Tracy Allard, the minister of municipal affairs

Chief of staff Jamie Huckabay

Michael Forian, press secretary for Education Minister Adriana LaGrange

Eliza Snider, press secretary for Advanced Education Minister Nicolaides Demetrios

Through this whole ordeal the government, on every level, has failed. They haven’t done anything effective to protect the elderly who make up 95% of COVID deaths while they destroy the entire province, the entire country, in an effort to stem the issue.

Here’s a fun fact, if you are under 60 you are ten times more likely to die from suicide than you are from COVID. And what has the government done. They’ve taken away all of the healthy coping activities you could engage in. They’ve taken away gyms, activities with friends and family, sports, entertainment and what have they left you with? Drugs, alcohol and fast food.

The government has completely screwed Canada over. They’ve completely fumbled the COVID response and they are responsible for every single bit of suffering you’re experiencing right now.

We’ve accumulated almost half a trillion dollars in debt federally and god knows how much provincially for what? To destroy Canada, and ensure that your children, and their children are tax slaves for their entire lives.

We don’t just need to oust Trudeau, we need an entirely new option. Someone who caters to Canadians and doesn’t send billions of dollars out of Canada while our own country is starving.

Canada is in desperate need of a Trump.

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