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Boutilier: Erin O’Toole and His Band of Leftists

The Conservative caucus recently voted to expel Derek Sloan after he received a $131 donation from a known white nationalist. A move that received high praise from pretty much every leftist in the Canadian government.

When put that way it sounds bad right? Well, let’s put some context behind this.

First off, this white nationalist, who I won’t mention so as to not draw any more notoriety to, was using a pseudonym when the $131 donation was made. He didn’t even donate under his real name. A fact that should make the whole situation a non-issue.

Secondly, the Conservative Party took their share of said donation without issue. Is the entirety of the CPC guilty of the same offense they accused Sloan of being guilty of?

Thirdly, this same individual received government Covid funding as support throughout the pandemic. Is the entire Canadian government implicit in supporting white nationalism for this reason?

And finally, what sane person would put their political career on the line to garner an extra $131 for their campaign at the risk of appearing to support a known white nationalist?

Sorry, but Derek Sloan seems exceptionally sane to me.

Apparently, the expectation from all parties is that Sloan personally vette every single one of the thousands of donations he receives to ensure this doesn’t happen. An act I’m sure every other politician does diligently, O’toole and Trudeau included. I mean, I’m sure if we dug into every donation they have ever received we would find that they have never, in their entire political careers received a donation from any questionable individuals. Right? I highly doubt it.

To expel Sloan from the caucus, conservative leader Erin O’Toole needed 24 MPs to co-sign a written notice, and then an additional 37 to vote in favour of Sloan’s expulsion.

O’Toole ended up getting 26 signatures, more than enough to initiate the vote. So far, the conservative party has kept the information private on who voted for Sloan and against, or even the number of votes for and against. A wise move considering the blowback so far on this whole ordeal.

That’s at least 37 Conservative MP’s plus Erin O’toole who stabbed Sloan in the back, and engaged in an act typically associated with leftism. The CPC is the very party who has denounced cancel culture since day 1. The very party I personally had optimistically put my faith in to hold back the woke mob that wants to destroy people’s lives whenever they up and decide it’s necessary for no good reason, except that they simply disagree with their views. Boy was I wrong.

Many MPs reportedly felt the grounds for his removal were shallow, but apparently Sloan has been such a controversial figure in the party due to his strong social conservative views, and thus they still voted for his expulsion. My hat goes off to anyone who has spoken out about this terrible move openly. I’ve lost any respect I had for anyone who has stood by and allowed this travesty to play out.

Other MPs were not as reserved about their opinion on Sloan’s removal. Conservative MP Eric Duncan said on his Facebook in response to O’Toole’s statement about Sloan, “I have had enough of Derek Sloan too. There is no room for this garbage in our Party and he doesn’t represent what we stand for in any way. Good riddance. Thank you Erin O’Toole!”.

Funny thing, nobody has been terribly clear about what “garbage” is being referred to here. I mean, up until very recently O’toole himself had defended Sloans actions in the party. Why the sudden change of heart? Is it really fair to reference a problematic history when O’toole defended Sloan when it was personally beneficial to himself and his campaign to do so?

Duncan has since updated his post to remove the word “garbage”, and says that he was not attacking Sloan as an individual. Regardless of this, the intent is still there. It is without a doubt that Duncan was one of the 26 leftist conservatives to initially sign.

Additionally, Sloan was recently on Facebook Live with some updates about the process, calling out fellow MP Martin Shields for his hypocrisy. Sloan said that he will continue to call out MPs who voted against him in yesterday’s meeting. I certainly hope he exposes every single one of them.

Sloan remained classy though. He encouraged all conservatives to remain in the party despite his unfair removal saying, “No matter how callous and misguided today’s actions by Erin and my colleagues were, we have much work to do in the next two months as we prepare for the policy convention in March”.

Now the Leftist Conservatives are backtracking. They initiated this whole move on the premise that Sloan had obviously been in support for white nationalism by receiving this donation, however once they saw the blowback they quieted down on that part and instead referred to a problematic history with Sloan in the party.

Whatever you read into this change of reasoning, understand one thing. This whole expulsion was initiated on an attempted narrative that Sloan was supportive of white nationalism.

The Leftist Conservatives have set a frightening precedent here. For years now the radical left has been beating people over the head with cancel culture and the Conservatives have held strong on their principles. That era is now over.

By proceeding with the expulsion of Sloan the Conservatives have made at least 2 fatal errors that are extremely damaging to our society.

First, they have agreed with the left that unknowingly receiving support from terrible people, automatically aligns you with whatever terrible world view they are pushing.

Secondly, the Conservatives have now welcomed cancel culture into their party with open arms, and resoundingly voted in favor of it through their votes against Derek Sloan.

The Conservative Party is officially no longer Conservative. Welcome to your woke nightmare Canada. Erin O’toole will personally show you to your seat.

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