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Boutilier: Defund Government Now

I want to be clear. This is absolutely, positively, undoubtedly a cry for help.

Someone, anyone, please run an entire political campaign on cutting government fat. The taxpayer losing everything, life savings, careers, businesses, going bankrupt while government continues to get fatter and fatter, and wealthier and wealthier is complete insanity.

We are at a point where we just openly ignore the double standard of the government orchestrating the complete devastation of businesses across the country while demanding pay raises to pad their own wealth and increase their quality of life.

Bureaucrats have demonstrated pure greed, scraping every single penny possible out of the pockets of Canadians while scoffing at the middle class who are suffering immensely.

They have not only kicked us in the teeth while we are already on life support, but they demanded we “Stay home to save lives” while flying around the world to see their family, their friends, to party, and to decompress because of “aLl ThIs StReSs FrOm CoViD”. It’s just sickening.

According to Franco Terrazzano, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in Alberta alone these bureaucrats took over $18 million more out of the taxpayers pockets than the previous year. In the last 5 years they have literally taken a pay increase of a quarter billion dollars out of your pockets.

This country is in economic crisis. While Canadians are suffering, while government revenues have plummeted, while they have sat back and watched millions upon millions of Canadians suffer through government induced small business collapse the government has increasingly padded their own wealth and golden retirement packages off of your backs.

In the words of the great Dr. Jordan Peterson, “Clean Your Room”

It’s high time we clean our room Canada. That should be the first step to getting this country back on track.

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