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Bodybuilder marries sex doll, says he wouldn't mind having even more "wives"

Yuri Tolochko, the Kazakhstani bodybuilder who married a sex doll back in November, isn't quite ready to settle down.

The bodybuilder, who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, became Internet-famous back in 2019 when he proposed to his silicone girlfriend. When the two finally tied the knot, it was no joke: there was a wedding video to certify the event, with guests and all invited.

Since his "wife" Margo broke just days before Christmas, Tolochko announced he was considering having “several [more] wives”, adding that it’s a “tradition [that] exists in some eastern cultures.” These wives will (surprise) also be dolls.

"I am currently considering two options,” he explained, telling reporters he had been “acquainted online” with yet another doll. "I even decided to fly to her, meet her. She lives in Moscow. But they didn't let me out of the airport, because of the quarantine,” he added.

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