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Bloc MP attacks Alberta oil as "dirty oil"

Kelly McCauley, Conservative MP for Edmonton-West, didn't back down when it came to controversial comments made by Monique Pauzé, the Bloc MP for Repentigny near Montreal.

"During question period, the MP from Repetingy [Pauzé] referred to Alberta oil as dirty oil." McCauley stated. "I'd like to table a report from the Canadian Energy Centre [CEC] stating that [our] oil has lower flaring, venting and is cleaner than that which is imported into Quebec from the United States and Algeria. I suggest that member get aboard with us to help bring in Alberta oil to help the environment, as opposed to what they're currently importing."

The comment received applause from his fellow MPs.

The Canadian Energy Centre reports that the oil and gas sector produces Canadian energy with some of the highest environmental standards in the world, by an industry that is also the biggest spender on clean tech in the nation.

The organization also affirms that given forecasts for growing demand for oil and gas, Canada should aid to supplant coal use in favour of natural gas in these countries, reducing global greenhouse gases. One notable example is Russia, which maintains sub-environmental records, but is still ramping up to meet that demand.

"While opponents bash Canada’s responsible, innovative, world leading energy sector, we’re just getting started on setting the record straight," the CEC reported. "The world needs Canada’s responsibly produced energy in all its forms. Full stop."

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