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Black Lake First Nation responds to allegations over 'forced jab' by authorities

Chief and council of the Black Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan issued an urgent message today refuting comments made by independent journalist Patrick King on his personal page on Facebook, "The Real Pat King."

In a live video recorded yesterday, King meets with speakers who allege that women and children in Black Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan are being forced to take the “jab” - insinuating the vaccine to protect from COVID-19. She adds that "she has been speaking with someone in Black Lake First Nation and they have told her the women and children in Black Lake First Nation are running into the bush to hide from and avoid authorities who are forcing the vaccination on them." The second female speaker said her sister from Black Lake First Nation, has told her she and her children are hiding in the bush to avoid the forced vaccination.

Commenters were livid. "It’s like the First Nations residential schools all over again, what the hell is going on Canada ? It’s barbaric", wrote one. "Every Canadian and every American need to stand up for our First Nations people. In fact the whole world needs to. No more genocides for these brave people. It’s time to fight back," wrote another.

The Black Lake First Nation responded to these allegations, condemning King's claims. "Forced vaccination is not a part of the Black Lake First Nation COVID-19 strategy. Black Lake First Nation strongly supports the personal choice and freedom to choose to be vaccinated or remain unvaccinated," they wrote today.

"The Real Pat King failed to authenticate the portrayal of Black Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan vaccination efforts. These statements are not true. The video is not representative of the vaccination efforts in Black Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan."

The Black Lake nation added that they'd like to "request concerned citizens to refrain from contacting the band in regards to this video. It is exhausting our resources. We thank and appreciate all concerned citizens for the well-being of our community."

We will update this story as new details emerge.

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